Ottawa Veterinary Hospital

Ottawa office: 815-433-1206

Marseilles office: 815-795-2100

We care for you and your pet

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Veterinarian holding a puppy

From house calls to adoptions, Ottawa Veterinarian Hospital is here to make your pet as healthy as possible. Take advantage of the attention you get from our caring staff.

In business since 1998

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Examinations, vaccinations, and other routine pet care are all parts of being an animal owner. We want to make this process easy for you, so we do it all at both of our convenient locations.

Full-service pet care

We want you to have the very best for your animal. We have plenty of trusted products for sale in our offices including Hills Prescription and

Royal Canine diets.

Name brand products

Do you need to head out of town? When you can't take your animal with you, be sure they are cared for. We will take

great care of your pet until

you get home.

Pickup and delivery

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